2020 South Carolina Ag + Art Tour Cancellation Notice

Since 2012, we have held an Ag + Art Tour in South Carolina, bringing together farmers, artisans, and visitors to support and celebrate our homegrown and handmade heritage.

After careful consideration with local and state authorities, we have decided to cancel the 2020 South Carolina Ag + Art Tour scheduled for weekends in May and June 2020.

The decision to cancel was not made lightly. We take the safety and health of all of our participants very seriously and the unknown nature of the spread of COVID-19 left us no choice at this time.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. In the meantime, please take good care of you and your loved ones and we look forward to touring together in the future!

- Your SC Ag + Art Tour Team

Cancellation FAQs

Q: Why was it necessary to cancel the Ag + Art Tour this year?

A: Rising concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to cancel, as the health and safety of our farmers, artisans, volunteers, coordinators, and visitors is paramount. As you know, tour visitors can come from anywhere, requiring this pro-active approach.

Q: Why can’t the Ag + Art Tour just be postponed to later in the year?

A: Unfortunately this is not a realistic option for the tour due to the operational complexity of conducting an event over multiple counties across multiple weekends. Some counties might be able to host Ag + Art related events later in the year to keep our community connected!

Q: What can I do to support our farmer and artisan communities during this time?

A: First of all, please follow guidelines of public health experts to keep yourselves and all South Carolinians safe and healthy during this unprecedented time. Many of our farms and artisans have the ability to sell their products online and some even provide delivery options. Follow and share their information on social media and purchase their homegrown and handmade items when and where you can!