Welcome Farms and Markets

Thank you for your interest in being a South Carolina Ag + Art Tour site!  By opening up your farm gate and welcoming visitors you are helping to not only strengthen the connection between producer and consumer you are helping to grow South Carolina's ag-economy!

About the Ag + Art Tour

The South Carolina Ag + Art Tour is the nation’s largest free, self-guided tour of farms and farmers markets featuring local artisans at every stop! During this month-long event participants will have the opportu­nity to visit your farm to see first-hand where their food comes from, watch artists in action, purchase something special, and learn more about rural life.

2020 Ag + Art Tour Summer Schedule

Saturdays: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Sundays: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Saturday, May 30 - Sunday, May 31
Colleton County

Saturday June 6 - Sunday, June 7
Newberry County
Kershaw County
Richland County
York County (East)

Saturday June 13 - Sunday, June 14
Chester County
Chesterfield County
Lexington County
York County (West)

Saturday June 20 - Sunday, June 21
Fairfield County
Lancaster County

Saturday June 27 - Sunday, June 28
Union County

Tour Site Criteria

A Tour Site for the purpose of this program is a farm or farmers market.

Farm site examples can span a diverse spectrum of production including fruit and vegetable, livestock (protein, dairy, and/or fiber), equestrian, on-farm distilleries/breweries, commodity crops, timber, and historical farming operations.

Farmers market sites provide a venue for the sale of agriculture and/or craft artisan products.

There is no fee to participate as a tour site.

Tour Site Participation Criteria:

  • *New for 2020: Both Farm Sites and Farmers Market Sites must have proof of liability insurance.
  • Farm Sites must be in production at some point during the year.
  • Farmers Market Sites must be open at some point during the tour weekend.
  • Locations must be easily accessible by 2 wheel drive vehicles.
  • All sites must be visitor friendly, clean, and able to provide ample parking.
  • Farm Sites must agree to host artisans at their site during the tour.

What are my Responsibilites as a Tour Site?

As a South Carolina Ag + Art Tour Site, you agree to:

  • Host artisans at your farm during the tour.  Note: We do not place artisans at Farmers Markets as they have their own rules for participation, etc.).
  • Not charge admission to your farm or market (you can sell products and charge for activities but admission must be free).
  • Contact your insurance agent to ensure you are carrying adequate liability insurance and take steps to reduce or eliminate risk due to negligence.
  • Farms are encouraged to provide at least two demonstrations, guided tours or activities on Saturday and one on Sunday.
  • Use our brand guide to promote the tour to the best of your ability through your social media, website, blogs and other marketing efforts.
  • Provide 3 volunteers to serve as site greeters for the tour weekend (2 for 2 Saturday shifts and 1 for 1 Sunday shift).  County Planning Teams will do their best to help find volunteers for Farms that are unable to fulfill this requirement.  You must notify your planning team by May 1, 2020 if you need assistance in securing volunteers.
  • And most importantly, have FUN!

Application Process

The application process will be as follows:

  1. Complete this short application. The deadline to apply is 5:00 PM on Monday, February 10, 2020.
  2. If you are a new site, a representative from your county planning team will contact you to schedule an in-person site visit to make sure your farm site will be a good fit for the tour. If you do not hear from your county planning team please contact them to follow up.  Their information can be found at the bottom of this page.
  3. Once confirmed by your county team, you will receive a link to submit more detailed information about your farm including submitting an optional schedule of events and volunteer t-shirt sizes.
  4. Artisan applications will be launched on 3/2/2020.  If you know of an artisan(s) that you would like at your farm during the tour weekend please let them know that they will need to complete an Artisan Application and select your farm when they apply.


Q: Is there a cost to be a site?
A: No.  The tour is free for both farm and visitor.

Q: Does my site have to be open both Saturday and Sunday?
A: While we encourage all sites to be open both tour days you can choose to open only Saturday or only Sunday.

Q: Do I have to have liability insurance?
A: Yes, you will be required to provide proof of insurance to participate.

Q: Can I sell food and beverages to visitors?
A: Yes, you can sell food and beverages or bring in others to sell food and beverages.  Applicable rules, regulations and permits apply.

Q: I know a few artisans.  Can they be at my farm?
A: Yes, artisans will be able to give their location preference when they sign-up.  Artisan recruitment will begin 3/2/2020.  The artisan application will give applying artisans the opportunity to share that they have made contact with your farm prior to submitting the application.

Q: Who is my contact?
A: County Chairpersons are listed on the right side of this page.

Q: I normally charge an admission fee.  Can I charge this fee during the tour weekend?
A: No, the tour is free.  You cannot charge an admission fee.

Q: Who is in charge?
A: The success of the tour is due in large part to the collaborative nature of our organizational structure.  Representatives from various organizations make up teams that lead the tour within their county.  The chairpersons of these teams are listed at the bottom of this page.  The overall tour is led by Will Culler with Clemson Extension Agribusiness.

Q: How was my county's tour weekend selected?
A: Each county planning team selected their own tour weekend.

County Contacts

Chester County
Courtney Lee

Chesterfield County
Darron Kirkley

Colleton County
Kristin Mumford
Alta Mae Marvin

Fairfield County
Brad Hoffman
Valerie Clowney

Kershaw County
Suzi Sale

Lancaster County
Cherry Doster
Trudy Walker

Lexington County
Julie Colson

Newberry County
Michelle Long
Liz MacDonald

Richland County
John Newman

Jackie Moore

Union County
Leigh Anne Arthur

York County
Melanie Cooper